San Francisco: Oct 16-22  |  Nov 4 -15
NYC: Oct 23-30

Thank you to everyone who has supported me on this journey.

Existing friends, if you wish to remain in contact once I go under the radar, please email me.


Nova Swann

companion  |  travel-mate  |  dream girl  |  muse

hey you.
yeah, the handsome devil reading this.

I get that this is kind of a weird situation and that we're probably both a bit nervous, but never fear, you are in exceedingly capable hands. I'm told I'm incredibly warm, friendly, and open (not to mention devastatingly sexy, beautiful, gorgeous, azure eyes, long flaxen hair, etc etc). I have melted the most cynical and reserved hearts with a killer combination of openness, affection, and a healthy dose of joie de vivre. (Adding French words is a must for a fancy courtesan.)


A disarmingly charming lass with a soft accent and a passport with only a few blank pages remaining to its name, I’m the endearingly eclectic result of a private school education, a childhood mostly spent reading everything in sight and pretending like I was older than I was, and an upbringing in multiple countries. I really love dad jokes, smart people, and cheese. I'm hardly ever serious.

I have a grad degree and I'm too smart for my own good (but I'm not stuck up about it - though I'd say I'm in the 0.1% of the population that knows the difference between 'discreet' and 'discrete'; I'm both, by the way). My previous career ensured that I'm permanently well-informed, engaged and alert, and can talk entertainingly on almost any subject. I really appreciate a good, hard... conversation about this, that, the other, the State of the Union, what the market's doing, that Economist article - whatever you like.

I freely admit I can also be quite (very) silly in the right company, and I don't really buy into Myers-Briggs, but I'm between an ENFP and an ESFP (they're both fun). If you are a wielder of puns and jokes that make people groan, we will get along famously. Wit, charisma, and compassion go much, much further with me than good looks. As I'm sure you'll agree, an ugly and dull personality with a pretty facade isn't much fun after the first twenty minutes or so. 

Basically, if you’re tired of inauthentic experiences, cold interactions, touch-me-not hauteur, or all of the above, then we should talk. I really enjoy being close with people and I'm here to make sure you leave walking on air.

While I look like butter wouldn’t melt, I have always had a yen for the “other” that just won’t quit. There are more complex places in me asking to be explored. As voracious a liver of life as I am a reader, I consider myself a true sensualist: be it people, wine, great food or travel to far-flung places, my life is based around incredible experiences. Care to share some with me?

My double life here represents a journey of self-discovery for me, and of drawing you into that world with me, if only for a little while. No life is complete without pleasure, and everyone deserves to feel wanted.

My life is also about real connection. I reject the fake, the dishonest, and the insincere. I am a bad actress and a worse liar: I have no constructed persona, no script. You’ll find me exactly as I claim to be: warm; open; funny; intelligent; empathetic; and, most of all, real.

So come on. The SS Adventure is about to embark from this particular dock. Are you on board?

Nova  x

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